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"A.B. Clinic"

72 minutes playing time
Featuring Belle and Pamela

20 yo Pamela has woken in middle of the night with bad stomach pains. She phones the clinic and is told to come in straight away.

At the clinic she is greeted by nurse Belle. Pamela says she has had pains all her life but not as bad as this. She also says she has an urge to wet herself all the time. Nurse Belle examines her with her stethoscope takes her temperature and feels around her stomach and kidneys.
She tells Pamela because there is a chance she may finally have an accident she needs to be diapered. Pamela is shocked and horrified. She is totally embarrassed when Belle puts a diaper on her.

In a revealing hospital gown where anyone can see her diaper from the back, Belle leads her off for an ultra sound.

Belle looks at the scan closely with an expert eye. She says Pamela has an undeveloped digestive system, like a baby has, and she must eat only baby food and have breast milk.
Pamela is appalled especially by the thought of breast milk.

Then, worst of all, she is told she will need to stay in a special area of the clinic and have constant baby care. She is not going home in the foreseeable future. Pamela protests - What about her apartment? Her job? Her friends?

Pamela is bundled off to a nursery located in the basement under the clinic.

As an essential part of her treatment she is treated like a baby. When she struggles nurse Belle restrains her to the cot with manacles and when she refuses baby food she is strapped to a high chair.

During all of this strict but necessary treatment she wets her diaper just like a real baby and needs to be changed often.
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